Galvalume Roll Up Door by LMI

Galvalume Roll Up Door

Galvalume Roll Up Door by LMI

What is Galvalume?

U. S. Steel GALVALUME Steel Sheet is a carbon steel sheet coated with aluminum-zinc alloy by a continuous hot-dip process. The nominal coating composition is 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. The small but important addition of silicon is included in the coating alloy. It is added not to enhance the corrosion performance, but to provide good coating adhesion to the steel substrate when the product is roll-formed, drawn, or bent during fabrication. Source: United States Steel Corporation

In other terms, it is the coating of zinc, aluminum, and silicon used to protect metal (primarily steel) from oxidation. So that, similar to galvanization in that it is a layer of sacrificial metal that covers the base metal.

Roll Up Door made of Galvalume


Galvalume is widely used for security roll up doors. Lustre Metal Industry offers Galvalume Roll Up Door. We begin as fabricators of steel windows, steel trusses, and simple iron-works. In addition, as the expansion, we now specialize in the custom fabrication and installation of durable steel or galvalume and polycarbonate Roll Up Doors. Available, polycarbonate, stainless, and glass/aluminum. We are a reliable roll up door supplier in Central Luzon, Metro Manila, including provinces of Rizal, Pampanga, Laguna with a low-cost budget but quality roll up door. Also, nationwide even up to Palau and US territory

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