LMI Needs Your Testimonials

LMI Needs Your Testimonials

Testimonials, Reviews, Feedback


During the relationship building journey between a business and prospective clients, testimonials support. Customer testimonials also help to build reputation and experience for those who don’t know your business. Testimonials, being a real, neutral voice, are a great selling tool without personal interaction.

Client's Testimonials

A recent Nielsen study found that 92% of individuals trust a peer ‘s recommendation, while a whopping 70% trust a total stranger ‘s recommendation. What does that imply? A positive testimonial from customers will increase morale and even contribute to an increase in conversions and sales.

Testimonials, Reviews, Feedbacks are so important for Lustre Metal Industry. As a company, your sweet little words will increase our confidence. And to do more of our work and more. Your satisfaction provides us inspiration so that we do our job better. We will send every clients a Feedback Form that can fill up in just 60 seconds. However, you can leave a reviews and feedbacks on our Social Media accounts.

A little Testimonies will be a big help for us like,

  • Fast Delivery
  • Good After Sales Responsiveness
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Good Customer Engagement


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Lustre Metal Industry is a roll up door supplier Nationwide or even up to Palau and US territory with low-cost budget. We specialize in Roll Up Doors (Polycarbonate, Galvalume, Stainless) fabrication and installation. We also have glass and aluminum.

For inquiries, you can call us at 0925 514 0223 or E-mail us at rollupdoorbylmi@gmail.com.

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