Parts of Roll Up Door by LMI

Parts of a roll up door

Parts of Roll Up Door by LMI

Parts of Roll Up Door

Lustre Metal Industry presents, parts of roll up door. For numerous commercial and manufacturing companies, rolling steel doors or also known as roll up doors are an immensely valuable component of the dock and door system. Such doors are perfect for security and are also easy to use. Maintaining these doors correctly includes coordination between your own repair crew and a commercial overhead door specialist. One of the easiest ways to assess whether and where maintenance and repair work needs to be performed is by properly understanding the various components of an overhead door structure.

Some of the more noticeable parts of a roll up door include:


  • Curtain – The steel curtain is what protects the bulk of the room. And when the door is closed and when opened, it is hidden inside. This is the “door” itself.
  • Slats – Each of the curtain’s individual parts is called a slat. These are interconnected in a way that when it is in an open place, they will make the door “roll up.”
  • Springs – You can think that springs wouldn’t be essential with a name like “rolling steel door.” One of the things that gives the door friction and holds it open when it should be, though, is springs.
  • Counterbalance System – This is the physical component that helps to open and keep open the entrance.
  • Seals – Seals are mounted along all door edges to ensure that while the door is in the closed state, temperatures remain as stable as possible.
  • Motor – Some of the doors are motorized and, as such, have a mechanical mechanism that allows you to only push a button to open and shut.


Lustre Metal Industry specializes in roll-up doors, we offer galvalume, polycarbonate, stainless steel, and aluminum. And specializes in the custom fabrication and installation of durable steel or galvalume Roll Up Door. Our business had gone far from small businesses to a big group of companies. A reliable supplier at low cost but quality roll up doors. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, so we can have an arrangement for your concern. You can also visit us at 148 Metom Street, Villonco, Commonwealth, Quezon City.

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    Can we have your landline number , para tawagan namin kayo, we are going to order some parts and accessories, thanks.

    • admin
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      Hello! You can check on the contact details on the homepage.

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